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about room

capacity2 people (2adult /1 baby)

accommodation charge

The price table is the price per room (excluding tax).

weekdayvacationholidayvacation holiday
1person / room¥12,540¥13,800¥15,100¥16,400
2person / room¥20,900¥23,000¥25,200¥27,200

the condition of charge

weekdayweekday and Sunday (exclude national holiday)
vacationfrom end of July to August
holidaySaturday or national holiday
vacation holidaySpecial vacation season in Japan (ex. new year, golden week, Obon )
child charge
・Over age 12 is the same as a adult.
・Under 11 child is as below.
-Individual bed and common breakfast:20% discount
-No bed (with adult)*/common breakfast:¥2,200
-No bed (with adult)*/only rice and miso soup:¥1,100
-No bed (with adult)*/no need breakfast:free
*Child goes to a bed with adult. We don’t have amenity for child.

facilitiy and amenity

The toilet, shower, and small kitchen are communal with another guests.

communal area
– toilet
– shower
※You can go to outbath(sento) or hot spring.
– small kitchen
fridge, simple kitchen tool, glass, plate
– terrace
– rooftop
facilitiy and amenity
  • facility
    sink、mirror、small desk
  • amenity
    towel(big・small)、bathmat、shampoo、conditionor、bodysoup、dryer ※Sorry we don’t have a nightclothes。
amenity with a charge
  • additional towel : 300yen/sheet
  • toothbrush set : 100yen
  • skincare set : 100 yen
  • rasor : 100 yen


– We don’t have an elevator.
– No smoking
– We renovated this old building by our hand. So forgive me the some lack of building.
– At early morning, we’ll hear some cars driving and boats to fishing.
– We have simple Japanese inner window “Shoji” (like cartain) which is not blackout.
– Please say “Ohayo” or ” Konnichiwa ” to neighborhood.
– Lights go out at 0:00 p.m. here.
– We don’t have safe locker. Let us know if you want your belongings safe.
– We’ ll appreciate you can use the room clean.

cancellation policy

Please tell us that you need to cancel our booking as soon as you can. In accordance with our policy, you are required to pay a cancellation fee.
We will charge a cancellation fee by credit card that you tell us in your booking request.

7-4 days before20%
3-2 days before50%
1 day before80%
the last minute before100%
no show100%
Cancellation reason about disaster
We’ll charge a cancellation fee in the case of a disaster (ex. typhoon)
We’ll judge a 8:00 am circumstance by the policy as below.
– You can’t come to Himi from the place where you’ll be in a morning by a train suspended.
– Wheather warning be likely to announced during your stay(from chack-in time to check-out time )

Please refer these website.
・typhoon information :
・weather cast in Himi :
・railway information :

We’ll charge a cancellation fee except the above.

Booking request form

You need credit card information to booking request.
Feel free to ask how to book.

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