Seaside Inn to find pleasure in cooking and living local town


The everyday life of the town’s residents can be discovered through the local cuisine. While enjoying meals made by culinary professionals at hotels and Japanese-style inns is one way to enjoy your trip, we recommend a down-to-earth approach, which is gathering the local ingredients of the season and taking the time to cook for yourself. The concept at HOUSEHOLD is to feel as though you were visiting a friend in this town and cooking together. We believe that by cooking the local ingredients, you can get hands-on experience to familiarize yourself with the specialties of this town and get a deeper understanding of the rich land. Seaside Inn to find pleasure in cooking and living local town

Seaside Inn to find pleasure in cooking and living local town | inn / private / kitchen / gallery

HOUSEHOLD is a complex facility that is a renovation of an old building near the sea. The 1st floor is a kitchen where everyone enjoy as a cafe or to make dinner, the 2nd floor is a gallery, the 3rd floor is a second house for membership or long stay, and the 4th floor is an inn.


You can see the sea, and on the sunny day, the Tateyama mountain range. 4th and rooftop floor is for the exclusive use of inn guest. The one of room is named “nami” which is cozy and has a small window in east. And the other is named “yane” which is bright and larger, has a big window in south. The shower room and the toilet and two terraces are shered.


private is a second house on the 3rd floor of HOUSEHOLD. There are kitchen dining where you can cook while looking at the sea, spacious bedrooms (2 rooms) where you can work in your room, and a laundry space where you can wash your clothes, making it easy for you to stay for a long time.

Anyone can stay in private for 3 nights or more, but HOUSEHOLD member “HOUSEHOLDship” can use it more easily than 1 night.

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