Seaside Inn to find pleasure in cooking and living local town | Inn / kitchen / gallery まちと料理を楽しむための海辺の小さな宿|宿 / キッチン / ギャラリー



HOUEHOLD has only 2 guest rooms renovated from an old seaside building, complete with communal kitchen and art gallery. On 4th floor, You can see the sea, and on the sunny day, the Tateyama. The one of room is named “nami”  which is cozy and has a small window in east. And the other is named “yane” which is bright and larger, has a big window in south. The shower room and the toilet and two terraces are shered.

< 特別プランのご案内 >

> 基本の魚料理プラン
> お手軽魚料理プラン
> まちの飲食店常連なりきりプラン




private is a second house on the 3rd floor of HOUSEHOLD. There are kitchen dining where you can cook while looking at the sea, spacious bedrooms (2 rooms) where you can work in your room, and a laundry space where you can wash your clothes, making it easy for you to stay for a long time.

Anyone can stay in private for 3 nights or more, but HOUSEHOLD member “HOUSEHOLDship” can use it more easily than 1 night.



We have something to drink or eat for a rest. Please drop in and see me when you come over here even if you don’t have accommodation.

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